Overview of Assets

Summary and Location of Principal Assets

Rodnikovoe Lead-Silver Deposit

Rodnikovoe is high grade lead-silver deposit that was first discovered by Soviet geologists and developed by Yer-Tai in late 2000's. The deposit is located in the Zhambyl region of Kazakhstan.

Ayak Kodzhan Copper Deposit

Ayak Kodzhan Copper Deposit is located 120km from Karaganda, Kazakhstan.


The deposit has copper oxide and sulphide ores. A flotation enrichment facility with annual processing capacity of 500kt of ore was completed in 2014 and is located 1km away from Ayak Kodzhan deposit.

Mining operations commenced in 2010.

Priozersk Enrichment Facility

Priozersk Enrichment Facility processes ore from Rodnikovoe and other third-party deposits in the area. The factory was built in 2014 by Yer-Tai and today has processing capacity of 500kt of ore per annum.